Traffic Exchange - Deos any body know about mgid?

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i want to do bussnes with mgid have any body done business with mgid?

i have heired about MGID is the biggest traffic exchange service and

this is a best and MGID is one of the fastest growing websites in the world.

i have read reveiw about MGID that

MGID is the biggest traffic exchange service, news portal and product catalog. Service helps bloggers and website owners to gain more traffic for free, promote website or advertise their products. Its unique traffic widget system guarantee best results in shorter terms.

but i want to know that is this right or not so kindly if any body have done business with MGID so pleass shere your experienc so that i'll choose the correct way.

Review about: Traffic Exchange.


London, London, United Kingdom #911095

I worked for mgid as one of those ad creators.We were encouraged to just take images from Google images and other photo sites.

Also I think the click counts are fake. We would only get commission if our ads got more than 600k in one month.

When Iworked there some of my best ones got a max of 70k however after i left (I logged on a month later: they forgot to remove me from the system) my best old ads were around 6m hits in just a 2 week period ie after I left they didn't need to pay me commission.Coincidence?


Best digital media agency I have ever worked with.


MGID is cool if you have an entertainment website. They won't be able to increase you traffic if you want to promote finance, politics and world news.

eric johnson
Kansas City, Missouri, United States #584546

Comments below are really strange because I've used MGID for a while and I must admit that it's a good company to work with. Traffic is good, and they're able to stick to their promises.


"Credit to the workers were being paid and unauthorised content are the only thing which are shown in advertisment of that widget" - most review which showed me when i searched at google.On clicking links the page is directed to 2-3 pop-ups and one directed page which shows some unrelated content and with full of advertisement which never makes a user to stay on that page no more longer.

If i uses the widget for my site, it is quite obviously that I will be sued for using unauthorised ads and copyright pictures.I think its better to stay away from third party traffic generators other then getting into bars for copyrights.


MGID is a third party traffic generator and is supposed to generate traffic.It does that but it generates a lot of other irrelevant traffic.

The widget is basically a set of images with links. However, numerous popups and popunders come which simply cannot be blocked. The traffic increases tremendously but it does not convert. There is a lot of activity but not result.

There is a lot of smoke but no fire. My original organic traffic went to MGID and the traffic that I received from them did not convert. My web page was littered with all kinds of ads. Ultimately I found my dedicated visitors left my site and only the traffic from mgid remained.

This traffic did not convert and was thus useless to me. My page bounce rate shot up and the page rank fell. I removed the widget with great difficulty. There seems to be some adware remaining which I have to remove.

A very bad experience indeed.

It might be possible that mgid widget may have installed some phishing code to extract my financial and personal details also.Maybe it is thinking too far, but a possibility exists.


Doing business with mgid may get your site blacklisted by Google Adsense, as mgid breaks the terms of service of adsense.Google Adsense does not favor MGID because of the backlinks in their widgets.

They take you to useless sites, which in turn have the widget installed, so you get more links to click. You just go on clicking from one link to another, without ever bothering to read any post or convert. MGID earns for every click that you make and you earn nothing, but useless traffic. If the traffic clicks on the adsense ads that you have on your site, then due to such fraudulent clicks, Google will surely blacklist your site.

As an advertiser myself, I do not want to pay for any click that directs a visitor to my page and that same visitor leaves my page within few seconds without converting. I think this is the reason why Google Adsense and MGID are at loggerheads.

The reputation of Google is being spoilt by mgid.Moreover, there are many reviews on the web that say mgid ads link to xxx sites in Asia.


From my experience, MGID is just a glorified spam delivery system.They are in the business of making money from buying and selling adverts and PPC.

It's another one of these scams that are technically legal, but very bad practice.

Traffic exchanges like this have a detrimental effect on an individual's website as bounce rates skyrocket, and the only traffic attracted to your site is the lowest quality.COmpanies like this also use fake traffic bots instead of real traffic as part of their ***.


Can quantity compete with quality?I have quality content on my blog and dedicated readers who come daily, and my page rank is slowly improving.

All my traffic is organic and many do convert to buy my products also. The traffic is dedicated but low. I am thinking of installing the MGID widget to increase my traffic. I am aware that the traffic will increase but then will they also read my posts?

Because if they don't read, they will not become interested and will not convert. If many do not convert, then the bounce rates will increase and my page rank will also go down. I suppose having quality content in a large quantity is best, something like what Wikipedia has. But that takes time or lot of participants.

I work on a meager budget, so I cannot get participants to write for my blog. I am seriously thinking of giving the mgid widget a try, but then again, I am afraid that the quantity may overpower quality.

And besides mgid has so many negative reviews on the web.Any thoughts?


thank you! royroh for informing this problem regarding Friends and I were about to install that widget for traffic exchange but your information gave me a good idea what this all about....and before also i heard its a sort a scam site and all i was just confused. And thanks man I must say, You saved my life from putting into trouble :)


the mgid widget features lots of images but most of them are plagiarized!A photo taken by one of my friends recently featured in the widget and he got mad.

There was obviously no royalty paid, but worse there was also no credit given. To top it up, the image was linked to some xxx Japanese site. He is seriously thinking of taking them by the horns to court. The photo he had taken was copyrighted, so I think he should be nicely compensated if he does sue them.

I have uninstalled the widget.

Because as the widget in on my site, I will get sued and not mgid.By uninstalling, I have saved myself from potential plagiarism cases!


AM still pissed off and confused abt this MGID....some are telling its a scam, some are telling it uses unauthorized contents which might be illegal thingy.But the fact which i am not getting is they are giving 150-300%

If I send ten clicks to them, they send me back 300% which is 30 clicks, if my one click is considered as 100%.

So for every click on my website they are guaranteeing 3 visitors to my site.

If there are 1000 visitors per day on my site and if all click even once on any MGID ad, then they guarantee me 1000 x 3000 = 1,000,000 visitors per day.This is something next to impossible man....


Third-party traffic generators are supposed to generate traffic, but usually they give low-grade traffic.If the traffic does not convert then what is the point of getting traffic?

With so many adverts on the page, the traffic does not stay on the page. It simply clicks at any attractive ad that it sees. This increases the bounce rate of my page. This also brings my page rank down.

I did a search on MGID and found a lot of bad reviews on the Internet. I was thinking of installing their widget but now I am a bit confused. The site is listed as safe, but the reviews are all saying it is not worth the effort. Some say you get back less than you put in.

Some say it is a scam, while others say it's not scammy as they operate on the margin of clicks between what you give them and they give you. The margin is sold to advertisers. Anybody with any more information? Should I go with installing the MGID widget or perish the thought?

Or should I try 2Leep/ Wahoha/ ZapArena/ Medio123?Or should I not install any traffic exchange widget at all?


The MGID widget delivers malware, pop-ups and pop-unders that go on appearing in an unending fashion, and has adverts that links to Asian *** sites! It should be banned, to say the least!




Third party traffic generators in general, and MGID specifically, promote low quality content, and what isn’t low quality to begin with, will ultimately degrade as legitimate publishers leave the site


MGID is a fraudulent scam site!

Many people, like myself, who have already been fooled by the flowery claims of MGID and have been using it for ‘doubling their traffic within a week’ will now, like me, have sleepless nights for sure.

If you are considering a liaison with MGID faithfully then let me tell you, a time will come very quickly when MGID will result in high bounce rates and you would die to wash your hands off this detrimental collaboration.

Believe me, MGID generates traffic that is substandard and totally uninterested in your content! But you will never ever think of distrusting this bogus widget because it poses to be your cyber friend and it's oh so convincing!

The so-called MGID site administrators will initially opine that you have great contents which have the potential of generating good traffic. All you need is a highly tech-savvy widget for the purpose, and MGID will give you never before pleasure in this matter. Thus, you will get trapped! However, you will be shocked out of your wits to discover adult content and Asian *** sites in the backlinks that MGID posts in your website in the name of authentic traffic generation!

What's more, some of these have links to child ***! which will make your site get highly penalized by Google for unscrupulous promotion of such filth.

But alas, you will know nothing about it in the initial stages until you take your site on the *** of getting banned by Google! As it is, Google hates traffic exchange programs. But when the quality of the exchange program is such a degraded one, just think what will be the fate of your poor site.

Let me tell you one more vital thing, rather two now - the first one is that more than half the percentage of traffic generated by MGID is fake!

The analytic reports on traffic activities in your site presented by them are nothing but fake bots, aimed deliberately to deceive and hoodwink you!

Second thing is that what little traffic is authentic, is junk spam and repetitive pop-up and pop-under ads that will take up the bulk of your site and deter any would-be decent traffic away from your website or blog, as well as banishing the handful of actual traffic that your blog has created on its own!

Now decide what to do with this ‘promising’ widget.


MGID can help you to do that! As an advertiser working with Mgid you can expect the best quality service and the best customer friendly should do the business with MGId becous MGID Drive your business to the crest of the wave and associate your brand with top names in the industry. MGID has an audience


MGID allows users to display related posts on their blogs by using a specially designed widget; in exchange, the user's blogs will also appear on the MGID website. The widget keeps blogs rotating and offers readers an updated reference base so they know what's happening at all times


yes i have done business with MGID this is a really good and the biggest traffic exchange service. MGID is an internet advertising engine based on an innovative news exchange network.

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